This "Beeldenroute Lissewege 2019" is a special one, as it is the 25th in a row. And this moved Gloria Romberg to design a special installation for it.
The title "Wheels" is directly connected with the world of art.
"The wheel was one of the most important inventions of mankind. It moves things and persons.
And this is what art should always do.
Move something, change something, in a time and a way", so Gloria Romberg.
At the Beeldenroute Lissewege 2019, you will find 200 masterpieces created by 121 international artists.
For Gloria Romberg, it is already the 4th time she is taking part.
The Beeldenroute Lissewege takes place in Lissewege, near Bruges , Belgium from July 5 till September 22  2019.
All over Lissewege, in the open air, the works are shown.
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